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Blazing Saddles…The Movie We Need and Deserve


Racism. It’s everywhere today. And everything is racist.

The white man didn’t hold the door open for me.


Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches


My pizza has green olives not black olives.


Our culture is so inundated with racism. Some think it’s due to President Obama. Some blame Donald Trump.

I blame the media…that’s another blog for another day.

Where’s our oasis in this Political Correct battlefield populated by loudmouth feminists, extreme Black Lives Matter loudmouths, and superninja Social Justice Warriors?

Our oasis is classic 1974 comedy directed by Mel Brooks called…


If you are too young to know what this movie is, it’s a 40-year old classic satirical Western that you should watch after reading this blog then call your Dad…or granddad at this point and make him feel old.

Due to the death of the great, amazing, stupendous Gene Wilder, I watched this movie with one of my best friends and hosts of Cinema Gems and we had a laugh-fest especially since I’m Black and he’s part-Jewish, part-Indian, part-Kree. Every racial slur, rape joke, and anti-feminist joke resulted in a hearty laugh and we were happy for it.

For the uninitiated, Blazing Saddles is a story about a black sheriff in a white town in the Wild West with the racial tension turned up to 1000.

Many have written articles about how this movie would not be able to be made today, and I agree. This was made in a better time. A simpler time. A time when the 60s had just ended, but the PC Nazis had not yet risen.

This movie more than others is our oasis, our safe harbor in this storm of racial tension and if we can all come together to laugh with it, then maybe we can heal.

So why is this movie we need and deserve.

First, this movie wears it’s racism on it’s cuff to show it’s absurdity.

This..the very first scene of the movie would be cut because to not offend Chinese people with the word “chink”. Also, the first of many “niggers” to be said.  Yet, the intelligence of the scene comes with the ex-slaves singing a doo-wop while the White workers “danced a jig” and made themselves look like a fool.

This scene is what was needed then and now as it “blazes” out the gate with it’s open racism and says “This is going to be funny. Laugh at it.”

This is one of the greatest scenes ever in comedy. As the old guy try to say “The Sheriff is a nigger.” He is interrupted until Sheriff Bart rolls in and the town’s racism comes to the forefront.

This scene was funny in it’s brashness. “Wow! She just came out and said it.” Yet, in today’s society, she would be vilified and the thought of putting this and the above scenes in movies, would not be considered out of fear of offense.

Thankfully, Quentin Tarantino has no issue discussing and satirizing racism in his films.

With the death of Gene Wilder, many theaters across the country are doing Blazing Saddles showings. Hopefully, people go to this movie not to see it as a comedy, a satire, or just an excuse to say nigger.

Blazing Saddles was smart as Mel Brooks used the film to show the ignorance and ugliness of racism, not by censorship or social justice ninja kicking anyone who doesn’t agree, but by using film as his video. “Make a comedy to show the absurdity of being racist.”

We all should watch this movie, not just because it’s great. Not just because it’s funny. We should watch it because it let’s us know that it’s safe to laugh at our faults and changing them doesn’t require hate, but understanding and a sense of humor.

This should lead to racial healing and more directors to tackle this subject in a humorous manner. Make America’s Movies Great Again!

Butter Your Own Popcorn

Catch more of The Cinema Gems hosts, Terrell Mims (The Time Duke), and my friends Erron Holland (The Admirable Admiral) and Danny Nicholas on Twitter (Click on their names)

Remembering Gene Wilder. The 50th episode of Cinema Gems is up today. Click here!!



One thought on “Blazing Saddles…The Movie We Need and Deserve

  1. Dude, Just don’t watch the media.
    I listen to maybe an hr or 2 of public radio a week IF I like their topic and usually its something obscure.

    NO Faux news, NO MSNBC, NO CNN. NO networks period

    Occasionally I watch half an episode of “Murder She Wrote” on the COZI channel but that’s between me and My dream girl Angela Lansbury okay!

    Other than that, my entertainment is DVDs and minecraft

    Sprinkle in a job and kids and art and I don’t have much time to listen to angry folks jumping to insane conclusions about races.. Including their own.

    Your Attention determines your reality.

    Posted by Jordan | September 3, 2016, 7:40 am

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