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The Shield of Discretion

We live in a social media age.

I first got on Facebook in 2005, the golden age when it was just for college kids. I and millions of others have made the cardinal sin of posting all our intimate details on social media.

Facebook is the hub where we can do everything.

Instagram– take a picture of every minute detail.

Twitter– post every random thought.

Snapchat – make a quick video of every situation.

Do we need to broadcast our lives to the world? No. In fact, we would be safer by not letting everyone know our every physical and mental move.

Discretion protects us because when no one knows the move you will make or what you’re doing or what’s going on in your life, then they have no hold on you.

Also, when you hold your tongue, you save yourself from making a mistake and the internet doesn’t forget.

Discretion is your shield. Hold it up to protect your from those who have an issue with you, but also use it to hide yourself from making a bad move.

Proverbs 2:11




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