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Wisdom-Life’s Cheat Sheet

Life is series of tests.

Some are pop quizzes. Those are the “I didn’t expect that to happen.” 

Many are mid-terms. ” I was not prepared.”

Every so often we all go through finals.

“Why was this so hard!”

Many tests of life we pass on the first try. Most of them, we fail and fail hard.

The purpose of a life test is to prepare us for the next test. Many of us fail time after time.

How did we pass tests we didn’t study for or failed too many times?

Cheat sheets!! 

In school, cheat sheets are unethical yet many of us have used them. In life, we have a cheat sheet that we are supposed to use.


Wisdom is applied knowledge.

When we fail a life test, the worst thing we can do is not learn from it. We are to take what happened, process it and use that experience to guide us when the next test comes up.

Knowledge is Restaurant A serves tainted food.

Wisdom is Don’t go to Restaurant A because it serves tainted food.

While life will give us harder tests than this, we all have the Wisdom Cheat Sheet to give us the answers when the test comes around. Should we return to the bad relationship? Should I make another financial decision like last time? Should I do this action which almost killed me?  Your wisdom cheat sheet will remind you what happened last time and what the right answer will be now.

Proverbs 8: 10-11




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