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The Finish Line

This morning I caught up on the Emmys. As a writer, I watched so many catergories for writers and as I watched. I felt insignificant. I felt like I hadn’t achieved as much as I wanted to do.

After plagiarizing on this blog back in 2011, I had to go through self-reflection. Is this what I really want? Do I hate writing? 

NO! Hell no!!!

Then, I was lazy. I had bad character, but writing is what I want to do. 

When I saw, this person win and that person win for writing. When I heard actors thank the writers. It made me cry. I want to see my work being applauded. I want to see my work give others joy, hope, or catharsis. I want to entertain.

It’s hard going through life with a dream and not thinking, I’m not going to make it. It’s hard thinking that this is it.

It’s not.

For me, when I watch award shows or movies based on a novel, I think.

“I can do this. I can so do this.”

It’s hard to be confident when you see others do what you want. Daily, I edit The Light of Atlantis so I can get it out to you guys. Yes, I do want a TV deal or movie deal from it. I won’t lie, but mostly, I want you guys to read the book and make a connection with the characters. I want to know my dream matters.

Many of us feel that way. Does our dream matter?


Will we achieve it?


This blog today was personal. It was cathartic. We see others win and succeed in our dream fields and it doesn’t look like we can, but we can and we will. It won’t come by sitting around and hoping, but by doing. In the midst of the doing, it’s not about no. It’s about Yes!




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