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The Wrong Reason For a Relationship

There are generally two types of mindsets when it comes to the prospect of being in a serious, loving relationship with someone. There are those who are quite content being independent and single, they perceive a relationship as a bonus, should someone special enter their life. They are quite self-sufficient and by no means need … Continue reading

We All Change

I had a Facebook conversation a week ago with someone I know from “another life.” That person asked me. “How did we get so distant?”

I told them, “Life happened. We changed.” Continue reading

What Do Singles Really Want

“I’m tired of being single.” “I just want a relationship.” “I hate going out and being the third wheel.” We hear these lamentations so much in social situations. There is that one person in the group who hates being single. They lament over the lack of love while everyone else is paired off. To many, … Continue reading

She Doesn’t Want to Fight By Herself

I tend to have a lot of interesting conversations. Some of the best involve guys and alcohol and the conversation. My latest conversation pretty much this way. Terrell: I want a genuine relationship. Guy: If you get one, don’t be a punk when she gets mad. If she gets mad, laugh and do your thing. She’ll … Continue reading

Tied to the Past

Plagiarist. Coward. Thief. Liar.  That’s what I’ve been called, and in some circles, what I’m still being called. Today’s blog is twofold: a confession and a testimony. Chris DeLaune is my pseudonym. My name is Terrell Mims. For most of 2010, I plagiarized my old blog. You can find examples of it if you search … Continue reading

It Truly Is An A and B Conversation

A relationship. Isn’t it a wonderful thing? You talk all the time. You want to see each other all the time. You share your secrets with each other. Eventually….BAM! The inevitable fight or argument. Now, your personal life isn’t personal. It’s a Tweet and Facebook update. Now, your relationship is now in the eyes of … Continue reading

She’s Not Rambo

The other night Rambo: First Blood Part 2 came on. I haven’t watched it in almost 20 years. As I did, I realized this is a true “man movie”. It had guns, explosions, muscles, and mullets. Guys, we are raised to be tough, to fall and not cry, to not show emotion. We horse around … Continue reading

It’s Okay That It Didn’t Work Out

Happy Monday. I hope you all had a great weekend. Time to get back on the grind. Yesterday, I got a text from a friend telling me at church she saw the woman I was in love with. Our friendship ended around this time last year after two years of knowing each other. As of … Continue reading

It’s Good To Be Fun

A year or so ago, I had a great friend. We went out on a Saturday night to a joint in Austin, TX. We spent the night making people think we were British. Since they were drunk, we pulled the scheme off easily, but until the day we stopped being friends that was one time … Continue reading

Keep the Newness

About a year ago at my local grocery, I discovered their version of BBQ wings. When I first had those wings, I was so excited. The mixture of sweet and tangy excited my taste buds. I ate those wings every day. After three weeks, I stopped eating them. It wasn’t the fact they weren’t delicious, … Continue reading

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